Step 8: Configure Bill Acceptor

Configuration Card

Configuration Card

Print the a configuration card at the end of the Apex 7000 manual

Using a dark marker, fill in the ovals on the configuration card exactly as pictured above.

Hold the reset button down for at least ten seconds.

When the lights on the front of the acceptor blink, feed the configuration card (pictured above) into the acceptor bill slot.

Acceptor will reject the card.

Acceptor will blink rapidly if successfully configured.

One comment

  1. Excellent information here. Just a note on the config card there for other uses, be sure that the card is printed full scale. The expected print dimensions are along the bottom of the card. The default print option will shrink it and the config will get rejected.

    (Disclaimer: I am employed by Pyramid Technologies)

    Let us know if we can make the Acceptor firmware to better suite your needs.

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